SILVADUR™ Technology


銀離子抗菌系列採用的是美國杜邦 SILVADUR™ 長效型銀離子防黴抗菌劑結合銀離子特殊性及創新的專利釋放技術,運用銀離子的特性,加上可將低濃度銀離子傳送到布料表面的專利技術,具有非常優異的除臭效果,除了防霉抗菌,不易產生味道,進而能夠減少清洗的次數,節省水資源的耗用與汙染。


C-Force Biotech 關注到疫情下對抗菌功能產品的迫切需求, 特別在針織棉的布料注入抗菌科技:SILVADUR™銀離子抗菌加工技術,打造輕巧耐用的天然無毒抗菌面料。SILVADUR™是市面上極少數同時通過多項國際檢測認證的銀離子抗菌材料,在洗滌50次後仍達到99.9%的抗菌效果。它具有公認的抗菌效果,亦是無害的天然磺物元素,可供大眾安心使用。


Antimicrobial. Durable, effective odor control technology for textiles.

SILVADUR is registered with the US EPA and it unites silver ion’s elemental powers with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial for a wide variety of textile and apparel applications. When odor-causing organisms land on the surface of treated fabrics, the silver ions interact with them, resulting in effective control of bacteria and no need to wash the treated fabric regularly, thus saving a lot of water energy & time.

SILVADUR™ adopts the principle of physical sterilization, which can pierce the surface of cells, destroy cell DNA and inhibit the formation of proteins, so that bacteria cannot metabolize and reproduce, and achieve sterilization effect. No chemicals or toxic substances, it can effectively inhibit the unpleasant odor caused by the growth of odor-causing bacteria from the source.

C-Force Biotech focuses on the urgent need for antibacterial functional products under the epidemic situation, We have added this technology to our jersey cotton fabrics: SILVADUR™ silver ion antibacterial processing technology to create lightweight and durable natural non-toxic antibacterial fabrics. SILVADUR™ is one of the few silver ion antibacterial materials on the market that has passed multiple international testing certifications at the same time, and it still achieves 99.9% antibacterial effect after 50 washes. It has a recognized antibacterial effect and is also an inorganic natural sulfonated element, which can be used by the public with peace of mind.